Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Malditas Tryouts/Training Camp (Post from November 20, 2012)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Currently, I am in LA for the Philippine National Football Team (Malditas).  We are having our first ever training camp in the United States!  We have also invited filams and filcanadians to try out for the national team.

So far our time here has been amazing!  We have a lot of people who have come out and there is a whole lot of talent in the group!  I wish we could bring everyone back to the Philippines!

For me, I have been really impressed with the girls.  Also, it has been so fun to connect will all these fil-foreigners!  How crazy is it that so many of us have filipino mothers and american fathers, where we grew up in the states, and then all decided to play football!! Usually, I am the only filipino on a team or asian for that matter.  And now, we have enough to field two full teams of filams!  I’ve never even been in a room with so many halfsies like me and it’s actually kind of weird.  There’s already team chemistry and we have all instantly connected.  You can tell on the field as well!  

I finally feel “at home” with these girls.  Even something as little as everyone flocking to the hawaiian pizza or just being around so many tan dark haired beauties.  It’s like we’ve come from our own island.  Sometimes we struggle to fit in whether it be America or the Philippines, but now we are together. But no matter what we will always carry that filipino blood and absolutely no one will take that away from us!  #proudpinay

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