Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I'm Back Part 2

So we left off with my finishing up my Euro Trip. I came home in October and had no idea where to go from there.  I knew I had an itch to live somewhere else and I always wanted to go to California! A few months later after networking at the annual coaching convention, I decided to move to LA.

The move wasn't that tough as I had a lot of family and friends out there to ease the transition.  I had soccer friends, high school friends, and even real world friends.  You know what I even had friends that I had met at the Coast Guard Academy AIM program that I met one summer back in high school. It is crazy how small this world is!

Anyway, I started working for Beast Mode Soccer as a trainer and an assistant. What an experience! I still work for them and it's incredible. I have learned so much as a trainer and even as an admin assistant.  The best part is that I am doing soccer things! It is connected me with even more people.  I have been able to train with women's soccer pros including Whitney Engen, Rachel Daly, Emma Kete, the list continues. I met Soccer Grl Probs which mind you were my college rivals back in the day!! We had a blast, but Loyola will always be better than Fairfield ;) . For whatever reason, LA is a hub for many people on business and leisure travel so I ran into my teammate from Canada that I played with in Sweden. My dad, brother, and uncle visited.  My brother's friends actually lived there. I finally met my social contact Chris Gorres, who is now my sports performance trainer.  I mean there is just a lot going on in LA!  If you get past all the superficial fakes, you will find a good time and good people. This past year has really been a good one in my transition from player to who knows what is next for me!  Though, we all know I am still playing.. which will bring me to my next post on the Philippines National Team.

View from my aunt and uncle's deck in Marina del Rey!

Carmen the Canadian that was passing thru LA on 
St. Paddy's Day and went out of her way to come see me!!

Just training with Whitney Engen, World Cup gold medalist!

Hanging out with my Santa Clarita soccer teammates in Colorado 
during one of our away game weekends!

Randomly meeting Alex Morgan in Hermosa Beach 
across my old work spot of Hennessey's!

When I visited the my fam on the East Coast, Trainer Chris Gorres let me 
jump in a session with these soccer studs, Crystal Dunn, 
Ali Kreiger, Ashlyn Harris, and Yael Averbuch!

Slim, Lauren Holiday, David Copeland-Smith, and I 
working at Lauren and Jrue's Soccer Camp at UCLA

A still clip from some of the stuff 
we shot out in LA for Beast Mode Soccer!

Soccer Grl Probs!! Love these girls Alanna, Carly, and Shannon

The Beast Mode Soccer Team at the NSCAA Convention

Finally my fam out in Cali! Rest in peace Uncle Larry.
 I am happy to have spent some extra time with you before you left this earth.