Monday, July 23, 2012

Eat, Sleep, Soccer.

Well finally have a chance to blog!  Have only been here for 3 days, but have been non stop!  Sunday we had a game 8 hours after I arrived in the country. Then yesterday we had morning training session from 6-8am, a gym session after, and then fitness session from 4pm-6pm.  This feels like college preseason all over again! I loves it!  No homework, no job, just soccer!  

Other than training we went to "GreenHills" and saw The Dark Knight Rises.  GreenHills is a big shopping area where you can buy all the fake and real name brands.  Upstairs has the real stuff and then the huge flea market like downstairs has stands and stands for fake stuff.  This place is always pretty crowded so expect brushing up against a lot of people!  Also expect my teammates randomly dancing in crowds when we are there (cough cough Patrice).  As for the movie theater, you can reserve seats which is nice and you can also bring any food in there.  The close food places outside include the movie theater concession stand, bubble tea, and Starbucks.  The popcorn there is soooo good! They have over 5 flavors including butter, wasabi, sour cream and chives, cheddar, shrimp tempura, and my favorite texas bbq.  They also sell the seasoning so I am going to have to bring some back to America!  And you can't have popcorn without soda, but have you had a lychee 7up? So delish!! I love the flavors here especially because I cannot get them in America I really try to savor them!  

What else.. oh we have a new coach from Korea!  This has been interesting.  First I cannot speak filipino, but they do speak A LOT of english here so I am okay for the most part.  Now, I have to try to understand my coach!  Thank goodness for english being the common language!  I think it's really interesting to see the different ways countries and people approach soccer.  Doctor Pee (pronounced like "pay" -our coach) is so funny.  My first interaction with him was hysterical. He was telling our team our number one problem was our fitness level but the way he told was "Your number one problem is that your fat."  Haha.  Oh different cultures!  And Miss bold and confident me said alright punch my stomach and he blindsides me grabs my back fat with a death grip pinch that I seriously cannot escape and tells me "ohh no fat?" lol.  Embarrassing. So now we are working on our fitness slash not being as fat!  

Have had a great 3 days even though my body is already sore and exhausted.  Must get through this week!  More to come! 

<3 Cookie 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Philippine National Team Round 2!

Wow! I'm so excited for this trip again! I am so blessed to have this opportunity to play soccer and represent my mother's homeland! I can't wait for this experience and this time around I hope to delve even deeper into this culture which I have missed out on. This time I am flying Korean Air. Service so far had been phenomenal and on point! The stewardists are adorable!!! Petite and gorgeous with cute outfits! It's like Asian Panam! Hopefully my flights go well!

<3 Cookie