Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Adventures in Dhaka (cont...) Food and Shelter

Sorry in advance for grammatical errors etc.. In posting all from my iPhone!

Food and Shelter

We are finally getting settled in our hotel. Last second, they changed our hotel because of protests happening nearby our original what they said. But it is also just down the street and our hotel now is obviously cheaper. Our hotel unfortunately doesn't even come close to meeting the standards of motels in America let alone hotels. I can deal with ugly, but I can't deal with dirty. Too bad for us, we all will have to deal with dirty! I don't even want to go into the details of the decrepit disgust of a room we live in. Just picture being in a small space where you just want to stand still and not touch anything or even breathe and by then you've already gotten bit by a million mosquitos.

I slept in a full track suit last night on top of my covers. We do have aircon but our first room did not. That room was even worse and looked like the girl from "the ring" lived there . Though we are lucky now because we do have a shower while other girls have only a hose next to their toilet!!! As for our view.. Well not much of one, just worn and torn buildings and trash. We do have wifi in our new room, but it goes in and out, but still super happy about the wifi!

Hmmm the food.. Well can't say it's the greatest. It's definitely not the best food for competition. They are trying to work with us though so hopefully we get some better fuel. Right now we have a bunch of different kinds of porridge like substances to choose from. Not sure what's in all of them. All the dishes are spicy, but they said they would tone down the spices. I don't mind a little spice, but I don't kno about it in three meals a day. I mean we had green chilis in our eggs this morning! We always get served a soup to start which I believe is customary here. They like to eat in courses. As for a dessert.. Well nice try. The yogurt is lumpy and plain and the tapioca mush has some weird taste to it. I shouldn't be eating dessert this week anyway! We did get toast this morning. Can't go wrong there. Of course we have rice so we can all live on that if need be. And everyone knows I always keep peanut butter with me so ill be fine! Yes peanut butter and rice.. Try it!

That's about all for now!

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