Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ohhh What a Feeling!

Two days ago marked the first official win I could be a part of for the Malditas!  Last year we were not able to push past any of teams including the draw we had with Malaysia.  This year we rose to the challenge and even though we knew we wouldn't advance in the tournament, we played for our pride.  With a 7-2 win, I think we made a pretty good statement.  I am not really sure when our last win was and I don't know when we have scored 7 goals in a game either.  This is obviously a huge accomplishment for us.  

Though, there is much improvement to be made with our team and I think advancing out of the group is a reasonable and achievable goal for next year.  Our team is beginning to realize our potential and if we can get past this hump, I think our team, in the future, will be one of the AFF teams to beat.  Football in the Philippines is still relatively new here and it is starting to gain more and more popularity with women and that's ultimately what we need.  We cannot get better without the support of our country and people.  We know that every time we step out on the field we our playing for God, our country, and also the future of Philippine Women's Football.

Unfortunately, our success comes down to the support of our fans and the money available for our team.  A lot of people don't realize how much money is needed to run a football team, let alone a national team and none of us are even paid!  We talked to Malaysia in the hotel and their girls train 6 months together prior to the AFF tournament and get paid 700 USD a month each!  They also have two condos provided as well as transportation.. and they get three meals a day!  Our team on the other hand, is completely different.  The girls are working multiple jobs, they go to school, or maybe they have put their careers on hold all together.  We are scattered wherever we can stay whether it be our school dorms, ULTRA, our teammates houses, anywhere.   We don't get paid.  A lot of times we provide our own transportation.  We don't go abroad prior to tournament to train where other teams do.  We don't get the sponsorships like other teams do.  Lastly, we didn't even have our final team until the week of the tournament.  Up until then we had girls come in two months before and girls coming every week up until the tournament.  So given our circumstances, we really are doing our best.  Once our team has the support and a proper budget, we honestly can be one of the best teams in the AFF.  I think the media sometimes fails to see the positives of our team.  The positives outweigh the negatives as well.  We made history this past week and instead of praising our effort and congratulating our team,  an article ends with:

"With their early exit, the Malditas continue their disappointing performance in the competition, failing to get past the group stages for the previous five editions of the tournament." 


Tell me that after you have read what we do and what we deal with if what we do is disappointing.  I promise you one thing.  In thhis group of girls and staff, we have heart, we have passion, and we have desire.  Even if we don't get the resources that we need or could use, we will always do our best.  We are Filipinos and we will always fight.  LABAN! 





  1. atta girl Cookie! gonna try my best to raise awareness on this issue as well. hope the PFF boss is helping you girls out.

  2. Keep fighting the good fight! Just know that you do have supporters out there as we cheer you on from afar. :)

  3. Omg! I like you statement!! Hahhaa....i proub to hear that...your team spirit is sooooooooo greaaat!! the real MALDITAS!! HEHEHEE....

  4. Heather, you are not alone with your plight as an ill equipped Filipino athlete. But I see a reason why God put you in this eye opening situation. Seven years ago, the YH brothers opened the Filipinos' sleeping eyes to the beauty of football. It wasn't that fast but it was just the right time. I think you guys will do it to for women's football. With your good looks and your knowledge in sports I believe you can be the next sportscaster like tennis great Dyan Castillejo or the swimming princess Akiko Thompson. I certainly hope that you make the Philippines your home and go the way the YHs did so that it would create awareness for football and at the same time create a wonderful livelihood for you. God bless! PS I've even lobbied for you to become the next PBA muse

  5. to cookie and the rest of the girls,

    pls don't get discouraged. i'm sure all your hardwork will pay-off soon. i know getting women's football known in the country is a daunting task, but hey, you spunky gals are the best ambassadors the sport can have in the country. so don't lose heart and keep on keepin' on!

    mabuhay kayo! :)