Tuesday, September 13, 2011


20ish hours later and I am finally here in the Philippines.  As soon as I stepped outside I picked up the memorable scent of my second home.  It's kind of this warm burning smell, but surprisingly it's comforting.  Someone started to talk to me and I began to tell him that I was here to play for the Malditas, the Women's National Football Team.  He seemed confused and I explained to him that it was like the Azkals women's team.  That seemed to help.  I quickly reaffirmed that we were the Malditas, however.  I was proud to tell my story of how I ended up in the Philippines. And I cannot wait til the story begins to unfold so I can tell more.

Shortly after my convo with the airport employee, I met up with my Coach.  He told me I was going to get interviewed.  The time was just a little after 11pm and after over 20 hours of traveling and the greasy sweat ball I had become did not want to be interviewing in this state lol. But I couldn't say no!  We went to some sort of plaza which reminded me of the Bellagio or Casear's Palace in Vegas but on a smaller scale. There was a casino, shops, restaurants, and clubs.  You couldn't even tell you were in the Philippines other than the fact there was minimal white people.  We had the interview in the Philippine version of Starbucks (i forget the name).  I was not hungry on account of being fed 4 times in the plane lol.  The interview was fun and Coach and I went to the house.  I'm set up in a beautiful house made out of concrete and marble and more. I need to get some rest though! I just wanted to get something down before I went to bed!  Paalam! Bye!


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