Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First Day

So I woke up this morning and met my new fam! or should i say pamilya :) all very very nice. i had a pretty normal breakfast.  cereal and fruit and freshly made apple, orange, pineapple juice.  i was relieved to find out my sister here is a picky eater like me and doesn't really eat all the filipino food. so now theres less pressure and worry about the food! i am definitely willing to try, but baby steps!

this morning i got my passport processed and i should have my philippine passport next week ::smiles::
i got a few looks because i was wearing a tank top and was supposed to be wearing a collared shirt.  i had one in my bag, but i didn't want to wear it until i had too. it's so hot here! i discovered the umbrella and decided i need to start using one. i love the sun, but when I'm not in soccer clothes sweating is not pleasant nor flattering.  we were in and out of the passport office in less than an hour.  thank you philippine football federation!

we ran some errands today and went to the philippine version of cosco, sam's club, bj's etc.. s&r was packed from a sale! i wanted to take a picture because i couldn't believe how packed it was, but i didn't want to be rude lol. also, it was so weird being able to see everything.  i am taller than all the females and a lot of the males! it is weird being the tallest!  we left because we were not waiting in those lines! we went to the grocery store instead which was empty since everyone must have been at the s&r sale.  we also got a drink at the juice bar to keep me energized.  my family doesn't want me to sleep so i can adjust to the time.  i really feel alright, but the yawning is getting annoying and it just feels weird having my body trying to shut down on me in the daylight lol. working night shift at the nuclear power plant helped because i feel better than the last time i came to the philippines. i had no chance of staying up the whole day! and now in half an hour i get a massage :) the last time i had one was the last time i was here (6 years ago). lol. they are so cheap!

also i forgot to mention earlier about how my flight went. wasn't as bad as i thought and i was sitting in the middle and traveling alone! the man next to me though got up a lot so i was able to too. and he was such a sweetheart and was just helping and being nice when he could. by the time we were flying from japan to the philippines the newcomers had thought he was my dad and had asked him if he had a white wife lol. he was told them that i wasn't his daughter obviously lol.  that just shows you how generous and genuine these people are.  what a great country to be a part of.  on that note.  it is a bit different traveling here knowing I'm going to be here much longer than any trip i have taken outside the US and because things aren't as temporary everything feels different.  i feel myself trying to adjust instead of just experiencing and observing its more like I'm trying to fit in and belong here.  its not all that weird because I'm used to hearing my mom talk on the phone or to her friends in another language. it is again comforting to here the language. I'm beginning to see this other side of me that wanted to exist, but couldn't fully in the US.  i hope to learn and pick up on the language, culture, and customs.  After all i will be representing the Philippines now and i don't even know the anthem!! on that note I'm going to practice and learn some more !!


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