Thursday, September 15, 2011

food, food, FOOD!

i have already had some amazing meals both filipino and elsewhere.  yesterday for lunch i had beef and mushroom over rice with asparagus. for dinner we had chicken, vegetable lumpia, and rice.  the lumpia was paired with this spicy vinegar sauce.  the chicken had a spicy soy sauce with the juice of a filipino lime (calamansi).  these simple addition really add flavor to the dishes!

this morning i was healthy and ate cereal and fruit again.  thought i did have a taste of fried banana!! yum! i also realized that milk isn't necessarily in the cold aisle and that most of it actually is found in dry ones! u refrigerate after opening of course, but still! very different. i mean i understand like rice milk or coconut milk or other milk but regular milk! i think i prefer it being found in the cold section.  the one i had was supposed to be a version from new zealand.  it still tastes the same i suppose lol so I'm not worried!

for lunch we ate at a japanese restaurant and i ordered a california roll. the filipino spin on it was that the avocado was replaced with mango! it was actually a great addition and added a little sweetness to my sushi.  i also go orange iced tea and that was delish. i found a pretty good replacement for my sweet tea back in the south.  the flavored iced tea here is extremely fresh just like everything else here! and since i loveeee fruit i picked a great place to be.  then for dinner we ate at an italian restaurant.  one of the dishes we got was pizza. it was rectangular and very very thin crust. it was cut into strips rather than squares.  my family called it "italian lumpia" because u take bean sprouts and a type of lettuce and roll the slices up into a lumpia thing (lumpia is the filipino version of an egg roll btw).
i thought it was creative and nonetheless delicious.

other than eating.. i have been resting.. haha.. and sleeping.. but i feel a lot better this evening and i think i am almost over the jet lag! gym tomorrow morning and then a game in the afternoon. i can't wait! til then i need to up my learning of the language. i still don't even kno the anthem!! :/



  1. Wow cookie so how long you gonna b out,there....keep posting ill keep reading God bless ps my friends dont believe u tweeted me b4 should send me a pic of u

  2. Hetaher! I am so excited for you. I love lumpias. I dated a girl whose parents were from Phillipines and she was always making those. Sounds like you are getting over the jet lag and getting your legs back under you. Thanks so much for keeping us in Solomons posted on the trip. Looking forward to following the blog.