Sunday, August 5, 2012

Life of an athlete

Wow! It definitely feels longer than two weeks!  What we do in a day (3 sessions) is what I was doing in a week in America!  I actually love our schedule though.  It really helps me maintain focus and stay healthy.  When the rain and other unpredictable disruptions come, that is when I become weak!  You want to have a good diet, but when a session is cancelled you end up eating even more or worse than if you had a session to burn those bad calories!  But everyone needs a cheat day.. sometimes two!  I am pretty good Monday-Friday, but when the weekend comes I definitely splurge.  When you are at malls with endless food options, you simply cannot help it!  Also, being exhausted you do just want to eat the bad stuff!  Our day goes from hot weather and sunshine to torrential downpour to hot again!  We cope though! :)

my splurge!! i love these green tea fraps or anything green tea!! so yummy!

my besties picking me up at the airport

what a trio!

we are always sweatingggg!!!

this is during pick-up on "football friday"... these foreigners can be so rudeee!! hating on girl footballers.. have their shorts hiked up.. for real?? oh and btw we ended up beating them haha.  i love proving people wrong esp haterssss!

our team is sponsored by a local restaurant called "giligans." we always get free food here! they have lots of filipino food and my teammates are always fighting for it haha.  

oh the rainy season!

these donuts are AMAZING!! all different flavors.  yes there is green tea!! i like the avocado flavored one!  also tiramasu, hazelnut, mascarpone, oreo, and more!! terrible for our diet but so good! gotta have a cheat day lol!

don't worry i didn't finish this all myself! we are all guilty!

and then i decided to stock up on the good stuff! the essentials! MAX product, protein, electrolytes, carbs/energy!

our whole house is trying to be healthy and increase performance!! haha though one teammate rather have stick-o's than whey.. lol.. whatever works!

that's it for now!! 
<3 cooke

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