Wednesday, October 5, 2011

jeepneys, typhoons, banyos, and perms

 so i finally had a day of commuting!!! i have been blessed with having a driver take me everywhere around town, but when i visited with my cousins i was at their mercy! lol. it was actually fun and very interesting.  we took a jeepney, a bus, and a van all in one day! i am glad i was with all them, because they actually knew what they were doing.  it's pretty crazy how it works around here. i would be so lost!. basically the jeepneys run a certain route and its 8 pesos to get on and sometimes u pay more if you end of going really far. i still don't get how u know which one to get on. u sort of ask around and look at where the jeepney says its going (usually painted on the actually jeepney-picture pending!).  after we hopped on the jeepney we ran to get a bus, and I have no idea how we knew that was the right one, but i guess it was easier since we were going to Mall of Asia which is a popular spot.  on the way home we took a van and it wasn't as quick as going to the mall because we literally waited til a normally 12 passenger van had 16 passengers. we sat in this van for over an hour to fill up!!! so u definitely have to have patience and tons of time to spare if you are commuting. and even when you have a driver there is a lot of traffic so u still need to factor that into ur day.  errands that take a morning in the states, could take two days here.  it's okay though since i don't have school or a job to worry about; just soccer :). also, to alleviate traffic, everyday there is restrictions on who can be on the rode depending on the last digit of ur license plate. for example, say on tuesdays, 5's and 6's can't be on the road, so if ur car ends in a 5 or 6 u either have to commute or use another car.  i thought that was pretty interesting. manila is a lot different than the last time i was here! thank goodness for skyway ( the main toll road that we end up using everyday!) tho the tolls are high! but thats my experience with the transportation so far. i will probably experience the tricycles soon when i visit my cousins in the province!
 so there has also been two typhoons here. they actually weren't that bad. the first one was worse. it was really just windy and rainy and that put a damper on our training.  the fields are always wet and so they never really recover.  its sooooo muddy and it is hard to even enjoy playing when the fields are so bad.  though u learn to adjust to it.  chipping the ball over the mud puddle or having to dribble around it.  it makes u think and adjust so i guess ill give it that. but ill take turf any day :) anyway the picture above it a pic of a billboard. u kno its gonna be bad weather when they roll them up.  its pretty neat that they just roll up their billboards for the storm, tho when u ride on the skyway manila looks dead and dismal.  i def like the billboards up and on that note i like "what's in" here. i feel less pressure to be a certain image, maybe because Iin reality I'm closer to the image in the philippines.  i think its weird tho how everyone wants to be white! all these creams and products to make u whiter! and all the girls on the billboards are mostly filipinas! they are healthy looking and not frail. they have dark hair and are just naturally pretty.  i just like the overall vibe here!
haha i had to take a picture of this!!! these banyo (comfort room) signs are everywhere! the rice hat man and the female wearing the traditional dress in the philippines i.e. the one with puffy sleeves :) haha really i just think this sign is cute, fun, and unique. the little quirks that i love in asian culture ^^
and finally i got a perm!!! it was a long process!! as i never get my hair done and i had to sit still for a longgg timeee (not my tired eyes lol) so goodbye super straight asian hair! i want some curls and volume! i like it! i don't get to wear my hair curly enough! so yay!!!

well! thats it for nowww! its been hard to blog just because I've been so tired!! but i love this!! i literally just play soccer and go to the gym everyday.  when we have time we walk around the malls.  we get home service manis/pedis, waxes, and massages!! i feel so blessed to have this adventure! i could get used to this!! i kno for sure that i will be back here more often! I'm so happy here! :)


  1. Keep em coming. Your giving me some good reading material.

  2. The regulation on not being able to be on the road with the licence plate is crazy! Maybe not there but imagine if they did that in the U.S. because of too much people being on the road or whatever else. I bet that's going to happen.
    You look even hotter and innocent :-)
    Have fun.

  3. Hey Heather! I just love reading your blogs! Sound like you are experiencing so much there. And the new perm looks amazing on you! Looking hot Heather! How are you doing soccer wise over there? How is the team doign in the matches? Keep on posting girl as we love hearing about your adventure.